DUPLEX Presents

Sophia Giovannitti

Incall: Study 2; Contract

17 Essex Street

March 5th - April 6th, 2022

For the duration of Incall: Study 2; Contract, the gallery will be closed to the public. Daily inhabiting a bed in the white cube space, Giovannitti will take Contract appointments by request, thereby permitting entry to the gallery and access to the artist. Participants in Contract will follow instruction-based choreographies to build a transactional agreement with the artist, founded upon the desires of the participant and the material and financial needs of the artist. Contract may be subject to audio recording by the artist. While the content of the transactional agreement itself may become public (with all participating parties sufficiently anonymized), the fulfillment of the terms laid out in any agreements will remain a private matter between the artist and the participant—unless the artist determines the participant is in grave breach of Contract and must recoup her value lost through a public means, at her discretion.

To begin the process of building terms, each participant will pay DUPLEX a $1,000 non-refundable deposit in cash, its equivalent at the time in Ethereum, or bank transfer. Through Contract, Giovannitti offers individuals the opportunity to purchase their own desire. All desires come with attendant, bespoke costs.

To inquire for participation in Contract, please fill out the form below, which will then be reviewed by DUPLEX. DUPLEX will contact you with further instructions upon receipt of this form.